Social media video production with a purpose in mind.

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It all comes down to storytelling. We have been communicating this way since the dawn of civilisation. A few things have changed since then, we have videos and we are living in a digital age to use them to share our messages and inspire others to take action.


You won’t find any shaky videos, randomly pieced together footage, or awkward interviews. We will start by figuring out what is the end goal and how to get there. How to take your ideas to the next level. How to tie the story with visuals together taking into consideration the results we are after. 


Having spent over ten years on a movie set since I was a kid I was left with no doubts about what I would like to do for the rest of my life. That experience turned into a long-life passion of constant pursuit to tell better stories through filmmaking and video editing. It has brought to life CreateGreg Ltd.

"I was truly impressed with Greg's overall eye for filming and capturing the essence of our sport on film."

- Brendan Cosso -

CEO of World Calisthenics Organization, Los Angeles, USA