Having had insight into the creative industry from a young age, I was left with no doubts about what to do for the rest of my life. Those inspiring moments on a movie set, combined with an MEng in electronics application in Quantum Physics, and developed skills set in various industries were a priceless experience.

Thinking big and making things happen gave birth to the idea of Victorya Pictures, an indie storytelling company and a childhood dream. New challenges required a new set of skills ranging from various aspects of video production, filmmaking to online presence.

Battle with cancer and constant development got me to the point where all ideas needed to be taken to the next level. This paradigm shift resulted in embarking on a new venture called ONMAN Ltd, sportswear brand and retail company approached from a different angle. After over three years I left the company and decided to come back to my roots in visual storytelling and founded CreateGreg Ltd.

I have always been a jack of all trades, tenaciously mastering some of them. Storytelling through motion pictures, video editing, digital technologies, entrepreneurship, personal development and a healthy lifestyle has impacted my life profoundly. They are the foundation of all creative outputs and activities.

The idea of CreateGreg Ltd is to work with businesses to tell their stories so they can inspire others to take action.


Greg who Creates